Monday, July 2, 2007

Dream-Build-Play Release!

Snowball Fight! was submitted to Microsoft's Dream-Build-Play contest this morning. New installers for both Windows and the Xbox 360 are now available.

Changes include:

  • Updated graphics

  • Added player knocked out of game animation

  • Added player won animation

  • Added game play instructions to help

  • Asks for confirmation before quitting game

  • Improved computer player aim

  • Adjusted collision boundaries (still needs work)

  • Made snowballs easier to see

  • Added a map select screen (although there is currently only one map)

  • Game pauses when controller is disconnected

  • Allows player to adjust sound and music volume

  • Several other minor bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the previous release! I got many good suggestione that will be considered for the final release.